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Audience Strategy

Audience research with precise definition of the target audience.

Demographic & psychographic segmentation of audience.

Building a community for brands for their long term growth.


Why It Is Important?

Maagh has found out that the effectiveness of a campaign comes when targeting is done precisely to the right group of people. Experts at predictive marketing automation platform give us a word of caution that, platform or the channel strategies can yield disappointing results as “targeting must be individual-centric, not channel- or product-centric.”

According to data, Brands lose out on 40% of spend by not having the right audience strategy. In 2018, more than 30% of wasted-spend over 4.29 million dollars was identified for improper audience targeting strategies used by the brands.

You Should Know

Media strategies involve selecting the most effective media channels and tactics to reach and engage the target audience, achieve marketing goals, and maximize ROI.

Media strategies are crucial because they ensure that marketing messages are delivered through the most effective channels, optimizing reach, engagement, and ROI.

Developing media strategies involves considering factors such as target audience demographics, media consumption habits, campaign objectives, budget, and competitor analysis.

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