Multiplex & Cinema Advertising

Showcase the Bigger Picture of your Brand

  • Creates an excellent visual impact for an engaged audience.
  • The audience perceives ads as a part of their cinema-going experience.
  • Target group profiling & multiple advertising possibilities.
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    Cinema advertising has the lowest advert avoidance rate of all mediums. Impact of multiplex advertising in a focussed environment has 8 times greater impact on the audience than other mediums suggestive of its mammoth power & effectiveness. More than 10 movies get released each week on various genres, which gives brands a broad & varied spectrum of an audience to target. The reach that multiplex advertising provides is extremely wide & diverse.

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    Offering extensive audience targeting options with national, local and hyper-local focal points. Also, offers TG division on the basis of audience class such as kids, teenagers, adults, 40+ & also pivotal target group profiling – Defining the audience type by the genre of the movie & audience type. It solves all your advertising worries, as cinema attracts a large proportion of young, affluent, educated consumers.



    On Screen Slides

    Bookings for on-screen slides in major multiplexes & single-screen cinemas in India.


    On-Screen Ad Films

    Bringing brands to spotlight by putting up on-screen ads, highlighting through larger than life visuals.


    In lobby Singage

    Hoardings, posters, kiosk branding, washroom branding, window clings, floor graphics, lobby screens.



    Ads directly in the hands of targeted customers using flyers, coupons & mini-applications.


    Seat Branding

    Ads placed behind seats of customers, giving visibility to the brand, increasing the chances of sales.


    Box Office Branding

    Ticket Jacket Ads, Display ads, Posters etc reaching directly to the hands of the movie-goers.

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