Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising provides brand visibility on the go.

  • Form of advertising that moves around with people.
  • Reaches every cornerof the city – Local on-road exposure.
  • Geographic Targeting – Allows you to target only certain areas.

According to research, brand consideration increases by 50% when promoted on OOH platforms. Make use of non-stop city traffic to your brand’s advantage. Outdoor advertising gives brands the opportunity to reach & engage people on the move. It helps brands showcase key marketing messages in important locations. Over 60% of the audience see at least 1 transit advertising within minutes of stepping outdoors. It provides a contextually relevant, unintrusive way to connect to the audience. Discover how transit advertising can help your brand grow by exploring our possibilities documentation. Connect with Maagh today for outdoor advertising services for your business.

"Catch eyes and turn heads with outdoor advertising that leaves a lasting impression." -Maagh Advertising & Marketing Service Limited.