Newspaper Advertising

Drive business forward on the most TRUSTED news medium

  • Ads in Newspapers drive heavy foot traffic.
  • Target Specific demographics – reach out to a niche audience.
  • Large categories to target: Education, Entertainment, Finance, Sports etc.
  • Most Trusted Medium amongst the audience.

Among all the advertising options, newspaper advertisement is the one that provides the lowest cost per reach. It triggers a call to action very easily due to posters. 72% of readers go In-Store seeking what was featured in a print ad. 66% of people browse the brand/product after seeing the newspaper ads. It offers more flexibility than any other advertising medium for brands – exact size, location of the ad, section & page, design etc. Newspapers ads have real lasting power & people spend more time interacting with ads, deals & offers. Connect with Maagh for newspaper advertising in Bengaluru.

"Make headlines with your brand. Newspaper advertising, where stories of success begin." -Maagh Advertising & Marketing Service Limited.