Media Analytics

  • Measure your campaign outputs with intelligent analytics
  • Know & understand the audience better with data & tools
  • Identify what performs better for your brand, which gives ROI
  • Get best price to quality ratio on media plans with analytics
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    Why analytics is a Necessity, Not a luxury

    Media Performance Analytics and Insights has a fundamental purpose of figuring out which business objectives can gain advantage from data that is collected. Dive deep into the data with powerful insights, see how & which performs better on what platforms, benchmark with competitors & deploy strategies for effective communication.


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    Why Brand Needs Medis Analytics


    Cost forecasting

    Data helps in understanding & knowing where should the cash flow to, which medium need more focus, which audience is where the heat exists, budget categorization, spend chart, offline & online forecasting.


    ROI Tracking

    With insights from the data, analyse which mediums outperformed, which underperformed? Overall ROI, how can next campaigns improve with the data from the current campaign, evaluate users’ experience with a particular product or service.


    Analysing Trends

    Real-time trend monitoring, detect consumer behaviours, habits, lifestyles. Analyze the potential impact on the brand’s products. Predict future market trends. Analyze google search, identify underlying trends in keywords & trends.


    Medium Specifics

    Each platform has its’ own analytics & insights approach. Has its own way of taking data into actionable insights. On each platform: Access & discover information, setting paid media KPI goals, next-steps, the effect of a combination of media on the overall campaign.



    Set up KRI’s, paid media KPI’s, visualize trends, check how campaigns have performed in comparison to preset metrics like impressions, interactions, views on social media for digital media performance & actual conversions on offline media with traditional advertising metrics.

    If your boss asks, “How well are we doing in social media campaigns?” Do you respond with words or numbers? Because, Data Trumps Opinion, Every time. Over 70% of marketers can’t measure or report how their efforts impact the business both operationally and financially. And, Over 90% of advertising decisions are backed by a plan which is adopted by a data management platform for their media performance.